including a large selection of gents wedding bands.

As far as jewelry goes, for men in the past years, simple has been better. Ask any man, the ‘less is more’ adage applies to jewelry above all else, but whatever you’re looking for J Green & Co. Jewelers will have the item you’re looking for.

Most men will generally be seen with only four main accessories decorating their appendages: a nice watch, a good pair of cuff links, a graduation ring, and if they’re married, a simple wedding band.

However trends change, earrings, metallic chains, and even bracelets look good for most men, but never go over the top. There is plenty of room within the confines of the pieces to make a statement with your accessories. There are a million kinds of watches to choose from, as well as a set of cuff links for every interest under the sun.

Some guys like, Johnny Depp can wear a ton of jewelry and they look great, because it fits their personality and if you want to go for that look, J Green & Co. Jewelers should be your first choice because if it fits your personal style – more power to you, go crazy.

J Green & Co. Jewelers has a handsome selection of diamond wedding bands and simple bands for gents. We also stock the latest band styles in the ever popular Tungsten.

J Green & Co. Jewelers also has an inventory of diamond fashion an colored stone rings, so visit your preferred J Green & Co. Jewelers location, Waycross or Kingsland, to see our full collection.

Don’t forget J Green & Co. Jewelers also offers Layaway, so plan a head, see something he would like and make that special day even better.

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